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On Smart Cities

On the nerdy side of life…

I really love this article about “smart cities” which was written by professor. He tagged me this link…I guess because this was usually our topic every time we chat w/ each other over facebook. (aside from his very complicated love life) haha

His question was this: “ Is technology, i.e., ICT the way to go when managing and running cities? What if the city is poor? Does that mean it’s doomed? “

Well my answer was based on my opinion, and on my 2 years of research experience regarding ICT and good governance…for our thesis (nothing special to make me a professional commentator though) .

I answered that ICT offers a lot of opportunities that people in my country, sadly, does not realize yet. I think that with good governance and good strategic planning, countries which are categorized as poor, are not yet too late to achieve that “smart city” that he discussed in the article.


At the end of the day, I’m still a hopeful youth for this country of mine. :)

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